Configurable carrier bags
for any request


You can configure the carrier bags from porto in individual form according to your wishes. Here you can choose between the materials, the sizes, the type of printing and many other features that best suit your company.

From a quantity of 150 pieces, the world of carrier bags is open to you and ensures that not only the wearers of the bag feel comfortable and elegant, but also that you can pass on a top-class marketing product to your customers. A win-win situation that is not only practical but also chic!

Paper bags


The paper carrier bags from porto not only look good, but are also environmentally friendly. By using recycled paper, you can pass on your advertising message to your target group in line with the spirit of the times and in a stylish way to boot. What's more, the bags can be used several times.
What speaks for the paper carrier bags from porto is that they are always delivered to the respective customers with a high quality and, above all, on time. At the same time, you can configure your paper bags as individually as possible - even in small quantities starting at 150 pieces!

Cotton Carrier Bags

Environmentally friendly production

You can also be sure that our cotton carrier bags from porto are environmentally friendly. At porto, we make sure that the origin and processing of the materials are as gentle and sustainable as possible. Oeko-Tex certifications and the absence of chemicals and pesticides that are harmful to the environment and health make your cotton bag a truly sustainable product.
The cotton carrier bags from porto are characterized by a high flexibility, a strong robustness and the possibility to customize the bags on a large scale. Your customized tote bag will stand out even more when your logo is immortalized on a high quality cotton tote bag and shines in brilliant colors. 

Decide for yourself!

Get creative!

Take home attractive prizes!

Non-Woven Bags

Recyclable and refineable?

Recycling with plastic doesn't work for bags? It certainly does at porto! Our non-woven carrier bags are made of recyclable and resource-saving PP, PE and PET plastics. Due to the durability of these plastics, porto's bags are an economical alternative to bags made of fabric. 
The bags made of non-woven can become a real eye-catcher for you; the finishing possibilities are many times higher in contrast to fabric bags. Let your imagination and creativity run wild!

Plastic bags

Sensible, robust and durable

As an alternative to non-woven plastic carrier bags, porto Tragetaschen also offers plastic bags as a separate product. We understand the criticism of plastic bags with the pictures of garbage mountains, which swim around in the sea. Therefore, we at porto focus on a high-quality bag that enjoys a meaningful use. From production to the end of use, plastic bags from porto have a positive eco-balance.
The everyday helper made of plastic thus still has advantages that no other carrier bag can show.