Vogue x Breuninger x Porto

To make the day memorable for visitors and shoppers as well, a special "Vogue loves Breuninger" tote bag was developed. The request for the carrier bag for the event planned in March was very tight in terms of time. This was a challenge even for porto carrier bags, especially since the production specifications still had to be clarified. Nevertheless: passionate commitment, close cooperation with production partners and a good portion of ambition made the bag project for the event of the year possible:

Metallic on non-woven - that is the look of the Vogue loves Breuninger bag. A delicate touch of metallic rose based on modern non-woven material, environmentally friendly and durable make the bag a fashionable eye-catcher.

To make the metallic look possible on an inherently matte and rough material, several production steps were established. Special paint and the use of glossy foil finally made it possible. Despite the time pressure, the customer was even able to decide on the quality and look of the tote bag based on a press proof. In addition to the numerous Vogue loves Breuninger bags, porto Tragetaschen also supplied the material for the meter-high carrier bag that adorned the foyer of the Stuttgart flagship store. Promptly and in expected quality.

"The event was a great success, and visitors will be happy to remember it via the trendy tote bag."