Staedtler x Porto

For years, Staedtler has been served by porto Tragetaschen with high-quality paper carrier bags for the retail trade. When those responsible at Staedtler became aware of the offer of special polypropylene bags via porto's website, a special idea was quickly born:

Polypropylene bags are made from particularly hard-wearing and high-quality-looking plastic. The material offers countless design possibilities. High-quality printing can be achieved on the milky, translucent surface. So it was Staedtler's idea to apply the packaging or the entire pencil package of the "triplus fineline" line enlarged on the bag.

The bag was to resemble the pen packaging 1:1. Therefore, the bag was completely adapted to the dimensions of the template. The design was applied to the bag via a 6-color offset print. This implemented the Staedler blue in a CI-compliant tone and created opaque areas where desired via a special white underlay.

As a special highlight, handles of the bag were applied in a shoelace look. The ends of the laces are equipped with a special barb that prevents the handles from slipping through. In the optics, this is not noticeable to the wearer. The bag became a successful eye-catcher, which found its use in retail.