Landhotel Voshövel x Porto

For the bag in the desired special format, a brown recycled paper was chosen to match the exclusive, nature-oriented appearance of the hotel. These papers impress with their simplicity and distinctive feel and, combined with the corresponding design, have a very high-quality and exclusive effect.

The country hotel wanted a white print of the logo on the bag. However, this wish could not be realized via normal offset printing. Offset printing is an excellent printing technology for coated papers and large-volume productions. However, the application of ink is relatively economical compared to other types of printing. Absorbent or darker paper types such as the selected brown recycled paper do not forgive this. The print becomes correspondingly less expressive.

The brown paper, combined with a white cord, perfectly matched the appearance of the hotel. Therefore, the idea should not be discarded. porto suggested to have the bag produced via screen printing with a white UV ink. These inks are applied much more generously, are less "absorbed" by the paper and produce an excellent print image with sharp edges. As a result, Landhotel Voshövel not only received an excellent, brilliant print. It also received a bag that was a real eye-catcher thanks to the finishing process. An eye-catcher that simultaneously reflects the hotel's exclusivity and distinguished restraint.